*What is Hunan Style?

Hunan is one of the two most spiciest eating provinces of China (the other one is Szechwan). Hunan style is pepper, water chestnut, carrot, mushroom, celery, bamboo shoot, baby corn, napa, broccoli and snow pea in a Brown Spicy Sauce (optional). For example, Hunan Chicken is sliced chicken sautéed with the above vegetables in Brown Spicy Sauce (optional).


*What is Szechwan Style?

Szechwan style also called Yi Shi. It has pepper, onion,water chestnut, carrot, mushroom, celery, bamboo shoot and wood ear mushroom in a Tangy Sauce (Garlic and Spicy/optional also little bit Sour Brown).


*What is General Tao’s Chicken?

Tao is a last name of many Chinese. Zuǒ Zōngtáng, also known as General Tso or General Tao, performed many good works keeping the peace for the Chinese Qing Empire in about 1880. Many people believe his favorite meal was chicken which chunk lightly breaded then blended in a dried chili pepper sauce.


*What is Moo Gu Gai Pen?

"Moo Gu" in Chinese means Mushroom, "Gai" is Chicken. and "Pen" is Sliced. So, "Moo Gu Gai Pen" is Sliced Chicken stir-fried with Mushroom. However, now in Chinese restaurant, it is Sliced Chicken stir-fried with mixed vegetables in white wine sauce. It also called Cantonese (Guangdong, China) style cooking. it is the very healthy cooking style.


*What is Ma Po Tofu?

"Ma" is the word for "freckles" in Chinese, "Po" is grand mother and "Tofu" is bean curd. Long time ago, there lived an old lady who had a lot of freckles on her face. People called her "Ma Po" or "Grandma Freckles". She sold tofu at the road side. She also sold cooked tofu, which includeddiced tofu cooked with grounded pork in a spicy bean sauce. People loved it. Then it was just named after her ever since.


*What is Ku Pao?

Ku Pao is a popular cooking style using diced vegetables and diced meat (chicken, pork or what ever) quickly stir-fried in a very hot wok (pot) in a spicy (optional) brown sauce with peanuts.


*What is Tong Ting (shrimp)?

Tong Ting is a name of a lake in east coast of China. It is the biggest fresh water lake in China and is famous for it's shrimp.